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A) Character Study:
What Kind of Person?

Character Questions

Character Report Card

Your Traits:
What Are YOU Like?

Character Traits 1

Character Traits 2

Character Weave

Infer a Character's Personality

Track a Character's Changes:
At first ... but then ...

What Characters Value

Who Said What and Why?

B) Plot Study:
Conflicts and Resolutions

Plot Relationships Chart:
Somebody wants ... but ... so ....

Problems, Actions, Results

Lessons Learned:
Has the Character Changed?

C) Reflect on Your Reading:
Stepping into Your Stories

The Answer Is . . .

Compare and Contrast Picture Books

Create Your Own Book Report

Double-Entry Diaries

Eight Questions about Your Reading

How It's Real: Explore Realistic Fiction

Important Literary Elements

IRAs—Independent Reading Activities

Make Personal Connections

Reading Response Prompts for Fiction Stories

Savor Your Senses: Identify Sensory Images

Select a Quote

Story Pyramid

Tampering With Titles

4 Words Important to My Story

D) Assess Yourself:
Evaluating Your Progress

Reading Survey #1

Reading Check-Up

Are You Choosing "Just Right" Books?

My Reading Behaviors

How Well Do You Communicate?

E) Nonfiction

Current Events

Current Events — The 5 W's

K-W-L Chart

Main Idea and Details

Nonfiction Response Prompts #1

Sequence of Events

Using the Habits of Mind

F) Tell Me About You:
What Kind of Person Are YOU?

Feelings—Tell Us How You Felt

Survey #1

Survey #2

Survey #3

Survey #4

Survey #5

Survey #6

Ashley & Miloune's Survey

Jeiry & Darlene's Survey

Thinking Questions

Random Survey

What I Learned This Month

What I'd Like to Read and Write

Write to Mr. Steinberg

G) Poetry

"I Am" Poems Made Easy

Diamante Poems Made Easy

Poetry Menu

Responding To Poetry

Say It Your Way: Paraphrase a Poem!

H) Projects, Activities, and Extra Credit

Bronx Masquerade Anticipation Guide

Bronx Masquerade Readers' Poll


Excellent Quotes for Everyone

Extra Credit Posters


"Gotcha Grammar" Maker

Proverbial Wisdom


I) Fun, Games, Grammar

Crash Quizzes

Gary Paulsen Quiz

Gotcha Grammar #1

Beatriz' Gotcha Grammar

Jeiry's Gotcha Grammar

Hatchet Hangman

Holes Quizzes

J) Evaluations

Class Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Teacher Report Cards

Teacher Evaluation





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