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What makes a good quotation?

The purpose of our daily quotes and journal writes is to help us learn about ourselves, each other, and the world. Responding to interesting things people have written is a great way to exercise our minds and reflect on what we believe and consider important.

Suggest A Quote For Extra Credit. Your suggested quote should be short but powerful, interesting and thought-provoking. It should be relevant to everyone. It should make us think and want to write. It must be something you've read. (The quote can come from books, magazines, web sites, etc.)

1. Type the quotation exactly (include all punctuation):

2. Who said it and what was this person's profession (job)?

3. Where was this quote published? (What is the title of the book/story/article the quote is from?)

4. Write three brief questions to help us to think and write about this quote:

     Question 1:

     Question 2:

     Question 3:

5. Explain why you chose this quote. Why do you like it?
Why is it a good quote for our class to write about?