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Directions. Strong readers use many strategies to understand what they read. How many of the following strategies do you use? Which do you need to practice more?

Before Reading

I think about the cover, title, and what I know about the topic (my prior knowledge).
I skim, looking at and thinking about illustrations, photos, graphs, and charts.
I read headings and captions.
I read the back cover and/or print on the inside of the jacket.
I use the five-finger method to see if the book is just right for me.
I set a purpose or goal for reading this text.
I ask myself questions about the story or what I read.
I make predictions about what might happen.

During Reading

I make mental pictures.
I identify confusing parts and reread them.
I use pictures, graphs, and charts to understand confusing parts.
I identify unfamiliar words and use context clues to figure out their meanings.
I stop and retell to see what I remember. If necessary, I reread.
I predict and adjust or confirm.
I raise questions and read on to discover answers.
I jot down a tough word and the page it's on and ask for help.

After Reading

I think about the characters, settings, events, or new information.
I discuss or write my reactions.
I reread parts I enjoy.
I skim to find details.
I reread to find support for questions.