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Directions. Think about the protagonist (main character) of your story and answer the following questions below as thoughtfully as possible. Write in complete sentences and proofread your work before sending it to me!

Title of the Reading:
Character's Name:

DESCRIBE THIS CHARACTER (Identifying Significant Traits)
What is the most important thing to know about this person?
How is this character different than other characters in this story (or in different stories)?
Besides using the word "nice," is there one word or phrase that best describes this character and makes him or her stand out from the other characters in the story?
What do other characters in this story think of this main character? How would they describe him or her? What do they think or feel about the main character?

UNDERSTAND THIS CHARACTER (Inferring Motives and Feelings )
What does this character most want?
What does this character do to try to reach or achieve her or his goal?
Do you admire this character? Explain why or why not.