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Directions. Answer the following questions honestly. We take what you say very seriously. Please be helpful. Always write in complete sentences.

What subject was this (Humanities, Math, etc.)
The teacher is:

    - Motivation and Inspiration -

  1. Do you think this teacher motivated you to succeed this year? How or why not?

  2. Were the teacher's expectations for the class/behavior made clear to you? In other words, do you feel like you knew how to get a good grade in this class?

  3. How could this teacher have helped you learn more or do better this year?

  4. I wish this teacher . . .

  5. - About this Teacher -

  6. What should this teacher be sure to do again or do more of next year?

  7. What should this teacher not do or do less of next year?

  8. The best thing(s) about this teacher is (are) . . .

  9. The worst thing about this teacher is . . .

  10. - For Next Year's Students -

  11. What advice would you give to this teacher's students next year?

  12. How would you tell them to make sure they have a successful, rewarding year?

  13. What should they look forward to?

  14. What should they watch out for?

  15. - About This Classroom/Homeroom -

  16. The best thing about being in this classroom or homeroom was . . .

  17. The worst thing about being in this classroom or homeroom was . . .

  18. What else could you tell this person to help them become a better teacher?

  19. ** BONUS** Ask and answer a question about this teacher, this class, this year, or anything: