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Directions. Click the Proverbs from Around the World button for this activity or find a proverb from a website on the Internet.
  1. Put your name, class, and date on a sheet of paper.
  2. Choose one (or more) of the options below.
  3. Copy whichever proverbs your write about onto your paper. Be sure to write the provers exactly as they appear.
Remember to write in complete sentences. Re-read and correct your work before you give it to me.

    Check off five of the proverbs that make the most sense to you. Explain each one.

    Check off five of the proverbs that don't make any sense to you. Discuss them with a friend, and write down what you think each one means.

    Which proverb do you think gives the best advice? Write a paragraph explaining why it is useful.

    Find clues in six of the proverbs that tell you where they might have originated. Name the countries that might be possibilities.

    Write an imaginative story to explain the origin of one of the proverbs.

    Write an imaginative story in which a character says one of the problems to another .

    Describe an event in your life when one of the proverbs would have been appropriate.

    Choose a proverb that might have been important to an explorer. Tell why.

    Choose a proverb that you think would be valuable to an inventor. Explain how.

    Choose a proverb that you think would be valuable to someone you know. Explain why.

    Pick two proverbs that would be helpful to students? Explain.

    Which proverb are parents most likely to say to you? Would you agree?

    What proverb would you be most likely to say to your parents? What would their response be?

    Do you know any other proverbs? Find five more proverbs and write them down.