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Directions. Type your book or story's title in the appropriate space below. After you've read your text, choose to answer eight of the twelve questions below. Type your answers in the box underneath each question. Always write in complete sentences. Re-read your answers before you send them to me.

Title of the reading:

1. Does this story remind you of any other story you’ve read or heard? Which one? What made you think of it? 2. What were you wondering about while you read this story? 3. What characters were in this story? Which character do you think was the most important? Why? 4. What didn’t you understand when you were reading this story? What questions do you have?
5. In what parts of the story were you able to really picture the events in your head? 6. What was the “hook” that made you choose this book or story? How did the author continue to hold your interest in the story? 7. Have you had an experience similar to one you read about in this book? Write about it. 8. Why is this a good story [or not]? Give five good reasons.
9. Summarize the story in a five sentence paragraph. 10. Was there something special about this author’s writing that you like? Describe it. 11. Did you know how the story was going to end? At what point did you realize it? What do you think about the ending? 12. Would you read another book by this author? Why or why not?