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Iris Tiedt created an unrhymed form of poetry that combines opposites in a single, seven-line poem: the word of the last line is the opposite of the word of the first line. The lines in between describe either the starting word or its opposite. On paper these poems look like a diamond, so we call them after the Italian word for diamond-- diamante. Look out the example diamante at the bottom of this page, then follow the form to create your own. Be sure to follow the format!

Your Name:
Title of Your Poem:
Line 1: (Noun, the opposite of Line 7)
Line 2: (2 adjectives describing Line 1)
Line 3: (3 verbs ending in -ing related to Line 1)
Line 4: (2 nouns about Line 1 and 2 nouns about Line 7)
Line 5: (3 verbs ending in -ing related to Line 7)
Line 6: (2 adjectives describing Line 7)
Line 7: (Noun, the opposite of Line 1)
blank blank blank
blank blank
Happy, Friendly
Running, Jumping, Barking
Paws, Tails,
Claws, Teeth
Hiding, Avoiding, Demanding
Snobby, Skittish