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Directions. Don't know which page to fill out? Use the table below to help find an appropriate page to respond to your reading. Are you at the beginning of your text, in the middle, or toward the end (or finished) with your book?

Before Reading or Toward the Beginning a New Text
K-W-L Chart Reading Check-Up Are You Choosing "Just Right" Books?
Reading Survey #1 My Reading Behaviors Make Personal Connections
Create Your Own Book Report Double-Entry Diaries Plot Relationships Chart
Reading Response Prompts for Fiction Stories How It's Real: Explore Realistic Fiction Important Literary Elements
Character Questions Character Traits 1 Character Traits 2

During Reading, Toward the Middle, or After Finishing a Text
Savor Your Senses Select a Quote Story Pyramid
Tampering With Titles 4 Words Important to My Story IRAs—Independent Reading Activities
Infer a Character's Personality What Characters Value Who Said What and Why?
Character Report Card Character Weave Problems, Actions, Results
Lessons Learned:
Has the Character Changed?
The Answer Is . . . Eight Questions about Your Reading
Main Idea and Details Nonfiction Response Prompts #1 Sequence of Events