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Directions. Choose a character to analyze from a story you've read. Then check off six of the character traits below which best describe that character. On separate loose leaf paper put your name, class, and date and then copy the title, author, and character from your story. List each of your chosen character traits and write a sentence explaining how or when your character revealed each trait. Re-read and correct your work before you give it to me.

Example: Victor is optimistic when he says this year he's going to go out with Teresa.

Title of the reading:

    logical     loyal
    methodical     modest
    motivated     open-minded
    optimistic     practical
    precise     prudent
    purposeful     realistic
    reliable     resourceful
    responsible     self-confident
    sensible     serious
    sincere     sociable
    spontaneous     strong-willed
    tenacious     thorough
    trustworthy     versatile
    wary     witty