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Dear Guardians and Parents, the questions on this page will help me understand your concerns and hopes for your child's learning this year. Please also fill out the contact information so that we can communicate easily. (Of course, this information is for my school use only.)

Child's (Student's) Name:
Parent's/Guardian's Name:
Your Relation to Child:

YOUR E-mail Address:
How often do you
check your e-mail?

Your Home Phone Number:
Your Cell Phone Number:
Your Work Phone Number:
Which phone number
would you prefer I call first?

What should I know about your child
to help him or her learn better?
What are your child's
best talents or interests?
How could your child's
reading improve this year?
How could your child's
writing improve?
What other challenges does your
daughter or son have in school?

What are some of your
interests, hobbies, or talents?
How often do you read at home?
What do you like to read?
Anything else you'd like
to share at this time?

Thank you very much. Please feel free to email me at any time with updates, questions, or concerns.