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Directions. Here's your chance to think about how you did this year. Answer the following questions honestly. Always write in complete sentences.

    - About Yourself -

  1. What could you have done to learn more/do better this year?

  2. If you could have changed something about yourself or done something differently this year, what would it be?

  3. Do you feel you understand yourself better after this year?

  4. Do you feel you understand people better now?

  5. Do you think you have matured or grown this year? How?

  6. This year the theme of The Learning Studio was, What kind of person do I want to be?
    Answer this question now.

  7. What have we done this year that helps you answer this question?

  8. - About Your Classmates -

  9. What is the best thing about your classmates this year?

  10. What is the worst thing about your classmates this year?

  11. - About Next Year -

  12. What are your goals for next year?

  13. ** BONUS** Ask and answer a question about yourself, this class, this year, or anything: