Boobis Logo Gary Paulsen Quiz

1) Why is it clear that Gary Paulsen lives an adventurous life?
a) He's a tough guy.
b) He's a writer.
c) He has a beard.
d) His books are autobiographical.

2) Who does Gary Paulsen live with now?
a) Ruth and Jim
b) his parents, who fight
c) his grandmothers and aunts
d) Mr. Perpich and Terry

3) Which of the following jobs didn't Paulsen try?
a) Acting
b) Painting
c) Satellite tracking
d) Driving a truck

4) Which of the following statements is a fact?
a) The book Hatchet is interesting.
b) Hatchet is boring.
c) Writing is "all there is."
d) Gary Paulsen was born in 1939.

5) If you asked Gary Paulsen's uncle, he would say Gary Paulsen spent most of his life . . .
a) reading in the basement.
b) writing.
c) being famous.
d) in the woods.

6) Which of Paulsen's books was not a Newberry Honor Book?
a) The Winter Room
b) Hatchet
c) Woodsong
d) Dogsong

7) What is the Iditerod?
a) a really dumb person
b) a long race
c) a dog pound
d) the title of one of Paulsen's books

8) What does grueling mean?
a) fun
b) exciting
c) exhausting
d) cruel

9) Gary Paulsen has written . . .
a) over 90 books
b) award-winning books
c) books about dogs
d) all of the above

10) For fun, Gary Paulsen would probably like . . .
a) surfing the Internet
b) a video game about hunting
c) playing baseball
d) going fishing