Boobis Logo Fables

Directions. For this activity you will read 10 fables. You must do at least two activities from each of the four boxes below. Check off each activity as you complete it. Re-read and correct your work before you give it to me.

    Read 10 fables and list their titles alphabetically.

    List all the smart characters and all the foolish characters in all 10 fables.

    Write out the morals for each of the fables.

    Find 10 words in the fable whose meanings you do not know, and define them.

    Tell which fable you liked best and give at least four reasons why you liked it. Use complete sentences and write in paragraph format.

    Work with a friend and write any fable in play format. Perform it for the class.

    Give at least three reasons why you think fables could teach good behavior.

    Write a telephone poem about one of the fables.

    Explain each of the morals in your own words.

    Which fable do you think teaches the most important lesson? Why do you think it is most important?

    How could you put the 10 fables into categories? Can some be grouped by their morals? Can they be grouped by the characters or the setting? Are some funny and some serious? Think of a way to categorize them.

    Choose any two fables and explain their similarities and differences.

    Create your own morals for four of the fables.

    Write a fable of your own with a moral.

    What are three things that you’ve noticed that most fables have in common?

    Illustrate a scene from one of the fables. Title the scene with the fable's title.

    What kind of behaviors nowadays should have fables written about them? List at least five behaviors that deserve a fable.