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Directions. Read any two picture books, then choose five below to answer. You will be comparing and contrasting the two books. Write your answers on loose-leaf paper. Re-read and correct your work before you give it to me.

1. Describe the main characters in each of the books.6. In what way are these books suited to a reader your age? In what ways are they not appropriate?
2. Pretend that a younger reader has asked you what the story in each of these books is about. Summarize each book for that child.7. The protagonist in each of the books had a problem to solve or a goal to achieve. What were the problems or goals and how were they solved or achieved?
3. Describe five major differences between the two books.8. Compare the illustrations in the books. Which do you prefer? If you had created them, what would you have done differently?
4. Use a Venn diagram to compare the protagonists (main characters) in each of the books.9. Why did the author write these books? Is there a lesson to learn? What is the point? What were they trying to say to their readers?
5. In which book did the author do a better job of holding your interest? Describe what he or she did to hold your interest.10. Look for examples of “cause and effect” in each of the two stories. Describe how the authors of each book used “cause and effect” to help tell their stories.