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Directions. Complete three of the activities on this menu. Re-read and correct your work before you give it to me.

    Read lots of poems. Write down the names of poets whose poems you like.    Plan to perform or recite one of your favorite poems. You most certainly can do this with a friend.    Find an example of a simile, a metaphor, onomatopoeia, and personification in any of the poems you are reading.
    Find two poems on the same subject by different poets. Write a paragraph about the poem you prefer and why.     Turn a poem into a story.    Choose a poem you really like and think about some things you notice about it.Write five or more sentences telling things you notice.
    Find a poem that describes an experience you've had. Write about your experience and how you relate it to the poem.    Answer these five questions about any poem:
  1. What was the poem about?
  2. Who was the poem about?
  3. Where was the poem's setting?
  4. Why did this particular poem get your attention?
  5. Why was the poem written? (What was the poet's purpose in writing the poem?)
    Write your own poem. Use one of your favorites as a model.